The Eye of the Needle

Dear reader,
Before continuing the discussion on the Nodes, it is important to clarify one matter.

For many modern, well-informed people it is considered in bad taste and is seriously uncool to refer to a religious content, particularly if it arises out of one of the revealed religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). This means that the following articles will be for many unacceptable. I am sorry if I disturb any sensibilities but it can’t be avoided.

Dear reader, I address you personally. At one point or other in your studies you will have to address yourself to this.* You may spend awhile with the traditional authors, whether astrological or alchemical, but you can’t avoid the introductions that all of them invariably write to their treatises. And these are not merely pious dedications to God to meet the status quo of their time.

Astrology is rooted in Reality. And that Reality is God. It is as simple as that. Any attempt to base astrological first principles on the psyche of man alone separates itself from this Reality and opens the way to pure subjectivism. Then it indeed doesn’t matter how many asteroids, planetoids and other elements are introduced. They will never fill the void that results in ignoring the Reality. The same goes for alchemy. The alchemist might have all of the ingredients needed, but if he is not rooted in Reality he will have no clue to the process.

It is a curious phenomenon that exotic material borrowed from other traditions does not disturb the modern western sensibility that considers itself “non-religious”. Perhaps it is the qualifier that only deeper levels of the human psyche are being referred to and nothing more that allows this. In reality those traditions are equally “religious”.

* many have likely already done this.


2 thoughts on “The Eye of the Needle

  1. Dear Thomas,
    Brilliantly and bravely said! I can but add that when I first discovered the beautiful intricate harmony of astrology my overwhelming response was “I always ‘believed’ in God because I was taught that He exists, but now I KNOW there is a God.”

  2. Dear Marybeth,
    Thank you.
    This is the central issue of astrology, alchemy, and most of the other traditional sciences. Yes, the beauty that you mention is indeed a continuing source of wonder.
    warmest regards,

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