riddle 8: answer

Lea gave a rhymed answer to this riddle
which is quite good. Here is the answer in prose.

>The heavens lie before me,
>but usually not as a sphere.

Usually an astrologer will look at a chart of the heavens.
This is two dimensional and not a sphere.

> I’m constantly moving,
> roving here and there.

Not only does the astrologer move around
his or her eyes also rove around the chart.

>I always need a day,
>can always use an hour.

To be able to do any accurate astrology
a date is necessary and usually available.
The exact time is also very helpful but not always given.

>By now you should know me.
>You’ve seen my starry eyes.

I am a stargazer. Or should be.

>Can you tell me who I am?

An astrologer.

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