Welcome riddle: answer

Dear readers!

I am delighted with the response to the riddle. Riddles will be one of the features of this blog. My reasoning is that the same faculties that are used to solve a riddle are also those that help us penetrate into the mysteries of each individual chart. They are a playful way of honing that particular skill.

Now for the “official” answer! 🙂

“In opera you will not find my song,”
There are two ways to pronounce Aries, (air-ease or ah-ree-es)
the word sounds very similar to an air or aria found in opera
and of course the words “opera” and “song” were wickedly used to
sidetrack the riddle-solver (see the similarity in reading a chart? How often do we let ourselves get sidetracked by our expectations? I usually realize it when I end up in a complicated knot!)

“as it belongs to the highest sphere.”
This is of course the primum mobile or the sky of the twelve “towers” or “signs” of the zodiac. An excellent explanation of this can be found in the tiny but very profound booklet called “Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi” by Titus Burckhardt available from Fons Vitae.

“The sun is my beloved,”
The sun is exalted in Aries.

“we share the same golden gleam.”
The ram of Aries is not just any ram. Aries is a fire sign and so this ram cannot have a white fleece. It has been kissed by the sun. The ram is golden. It is the mythological ram with the golden fleece. I never cease to be amazed at the depth of astrological symbolism.

“When he is with me
all nature rejoices.”

When the sun is in Aries, Spring has begun.

4 thoughts on “Welcome riddle: answer

  1. Wonderful Thomas! :0)

    As you say, I tied myself in a knot with your red herring! But I got the right answer; and so it just shows to go there are as many ways of solving a riddle as their are of reading a chart n’est ce pas?

    Keep ’em coming!


  2. I am having trouble with this riddle, I was hoping you could answer it for me.

    I can sail on water or be filled with it. I am a….

    I deffinitely know that a bottle, cup, sponge, or boat is not the answer.

  3. Dear Cassie,

    Sorry for taking so long to answer your comment at altairastrology. As I noted in my last posting things are at the moment in slow motion…

    At altair I specialize in astrology riddles although I very much enjoy riddle solving.

    As for your specific riddle sometimes the whole riddle needs to be considered in order to arrive at an answer, as clues are presented in many forms. If you read my riddles the answer is sometimes concealed in how the riddle is presented or through repetition. 🙂

    As you only mention a part of a riddle I can only conjecture. What comes to mind with your particular riddle is that a person might be refered to who can both drink water and sail at the same time…

    with best wishes,

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